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Our CFO services give you an affordable, fractional chief financial officer to oversee the financial management and strategic planning functions within your business.

A Part Time CFO

Most small – medium sized business don’t have the funds to hire a permanent CFO and typically only need CFO services at critical junctures, such as during an acquisition or developing financial strategies.

With Accountex you have the chance to hire a part time CFO and benefit from the wealth of experience we offer. We can assist you with the financial operations of your company, such  as managing financial resources, creating financial plans, budgeting and forecasting, cash flow management, risk management and reporting to key stakeholders.

If you need CFO level talent, but only part-time such as one day per week, one week per month or on a project basis consider engaging us for our fractional CFO services.

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Part Time CFO Services

Here are some of the CFO services that our part-time CFO team can provide.

A contract CFO can identify trends and find ways to operate more efficiently. They can tracking key performance indicators to assist in future decision-making.

Assess your business operations for process inefficiencies such as excesses in labor, materials or misallocation of resources that may be costing your company money.

Identify and quantify the important factors that will affect your future growth and success.

Create a new forecast or budget process or improve your existing one. A temporary CFO can help you formulate plans that are accurate and reliable.

With an interim CFO you’ll always know your cash position in the future so you can keep your lenders and vendors happy as well as prepare for expansions, downturns, major repairs or fixed asset acquisitions.

Create the optimal organization structure so that your business or a certain department operates like a well-oiled machine.

While you have a staff that handles the day to day financial transactions you need to focus on other aspects of the business rather than spending time managing the accounting function. A part time CFO can manage and train these staff members on or off-site.

Understand if an acquisition makes financial sense. Understand the valuations involved or plan for the on-boarding and integration.

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The Benefits Of An OutSourced CFO

With an outsourced CFO you get all the benefits without the high costs. The benefits include:

You can also choose to outsource CFO services to a virtual CFO. With cloud technology and online tools, you could hire a virtual CFO and deal with them 100% online. Accountex offers you the option of hiring either a virtual CFO or if you’re in Plano Texas, we can meet up in person. 


Cash Flow Management Consultancy

A tripping stone for most small businesses is cash flow. With the cash flow management services that our CFOs provide you’ll step right over that obstacle. A cash flow advisor can:

Why Choose Accountex

Accountex has been providing accounting services to small and medium sized businesses all across the US since 2013. We take a personal approach to your accounting and CFO services and make use of leading cloud accounting technology, such as Xero, to bring your business into the modern era.

We work closely with you to understand your business and where we can help you. Our goal is to simplify your record keeping, improve compliance and help you boost profitability. We take care of all your important financial tasks so that you can focus on management and business growth.


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Expert Advice



Answers to some of the common questions we get about CFO services. 

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CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer. A business can hire a CFO full-time or look into part-time CFO services.

A CFO is responsible for the overall financial performance of a company. The main responsibilities of a CFO can include:

  • Developing financial strategies and plans and then overseeing their implementation.
  • Managing the company budget
  • Overseeing the financial and accounting department
  • Interpreting and reporting financial performance to the business owners / shareholders
  • Providing financial leadership and advice
  • Managing the financial risk of the business
  • Building relationships with key stakeholders, such as suppliers, investors and banks.

A CFO’s day-to-day activities can involve:

  1. Overseeing financial planning and budgeting
  2. Reviewing financial statements to ensure the financial health of the business
  3. Monitoring KPIs to check the on-going financial performance of the company
  4. Managing financial risks
  5. Communicating with stakeholders
  6. Reviewing financial contracts and terms of agreements
  7. Supervising the financial team

A fractional CFO is a chief financial officer who works part-time or on an interim basis for a business. They are not employed full-time as a CFO.

The key difference is that while a controller is responsible for the financial reporting and accounting activities of a business, a CFO has a wider scope of responsibilities. They are responsible for the financial management and performance of the business in its entirety.

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