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Accountex offers you accounting services that get it right the first time. From financial reporting to accounting advice, our goal is to deliver accounting services that you know you can rely on.

A Reliable Small Business Accountant

To be wealthy, your business needs to be healthy. The sustainability of any small business is in how well your finances are looked after. Unfortunately, most small business owners just don’t have the time, or knowledge, to do their own accounting.

With Accountex you can take care of all your accounting needs in one place. From data entry to financial reporting and advice. You’ll work with a reliable small business accountant who accurately tracks both your revenue and expenses and provides up-to date accounting information.

Your business accountant is there to give you valuable insight into the financial health of your business.

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These Are Our Small Business Accounting Services

Our small business accounting services can include everything from business registration to data entry, cash flow statements to forecasting. We can even manage your bill pay & payroll. You can rely on timely and accurate accounting information and always know where your business stands. 

We use the latest in accounting and business cloud technology to streamline how we communicate with you and manage your monthly accounts. Speak to a small business accountant at Accountex, today.

  • Accounts payable (bills and payments)
  • Accounts receivables (invoices and collection)
  • Daily General ledger maintenance
  • Time tracking & job cost reporting
  • Payroll processing
  • Expense classification
  • Sales commissions
  • Sales and use tax filing
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • PayPal reconciliation
  • Balance sheet generation and review
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Financial statements & custom reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Work in process (WIP)
  • Foreign banking management
  • Fixed asset management
  • 1099 forms
  • Coordinating with your CPA or tax adviser
  • Tax & Audit support
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement – Month
  • Profit and Loss Statement – YTD
  • Profit and Loss Statement by Class – Month
  • Profit and Loss Statement by Class – YTD
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Accounts Receivable Aging
  • Accounts Payable Aging
  • Prepaid Expenses by Vendor
  • Accrued Expenses by Vendor
  • Deferred Revenue by Customer
  • Open Sales Order by Customer
  • General Ledger

For a custom accounting solution:

1. Call us at 214-600-8080 or fill out the Free Consultation form.

2. We will explain our services, get to know your business needs and make sure we are a good fit.

3. We’ll provide an NDA and review your financial data.

4. We’ll meet for a thorough file review to discuss your needs and our findings from the analysis.

5. We’ll provide a proposal, at a fixed rate.

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The Benefits Of Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting has revolutionized how small businesses manage their day to day books and accounting. Are you taking advantage of this in your small business?  Some of the benefits of cloud accounting include:

Accountex uses leading cloud accounting software and can help your business simplify your accounting and management.


Why Use An Outsourced Accounting Firm?

Hiring your own bookkeeper and accountant comes at a significant cost for a small business owner. Choosing to work with outsourced accounting firms gives you all the benefits of a virtual accountant at a more affordable rate. With an outsourced accountant you can expect:

Why Choose Accountex

Accountex has been providing accounting services to small and medium sized businesses all across the US since 2013. We take a personal approach to your accounting services and make use of leading cloud accounting technology, such as Xero, to bring your business into the modern era.

We work closely with you to understand your business and where we can help you. Our goal is to simplify your record keeping, improve compliance and help you boost profitability. We take care of all your important financial tasks so that you can focus on management and business growth.


Cloud Software

Expert Advice



Answers to some of the common questions we get about accounting services. 

Still got questions? Contact us.

A profit and loss statement is a summary of your business’ financial performance over a specific time period. It shows you things like your turnover, cost of sales, operating expenses, profitability and tax liability. 

A P&L is an important document for business owners to understand their business and make good decisions. Note, in order for your profit and loss statement to be reliable, the bookkeeping and records that feed into it must be accurate and complete.

Business owners are usually knowledgable about the product or service they sell and their market. They’re less knowledgable about their bookkeeping, accounting and taxation obligations and opportunities.  A CPA can help a small business uphold compliance requirements, put together reliable financial information for the owner as well as help you interpret your figures and make decisions.

The benefits of hiring an accountant for a small business include:

  • Accurate financial records
  • Insights into your business’ financial performance
  • Understand profitability and what’s driving it
  • Expert business advice when you need it
  • Tax savings
  • Outsource the stress of remembering tax deadlines and requirements

When starting a business you should ask an accountant:

  1. How many years they’ve been providing accounting services
  2. Their experience in your industry
  3. To assess the profitability of your business model
  4. To identify any areas of weakness / threats
  5. Whether they know how to register a business
  6. The costs involved

Yes a CPA can help you  start a business. They can advise you on the right business structure to choose, register your business and get started. They should also offer your new business accounting services such as budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow planning.

No. When you switch accountants to Accountex we’ll handle the transfer of your accounting services and financial records from you current accountant over to us. Simply provide us with their contact details during onboarding and we’ll handle everything for you in a secure and confidential manner.

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