Audit Plano TX

Audit Plano TX

Timely communication and responsiveness are hallmarks of our client relationships. All of these attributes support our objective of helping you reach your financial goals.

Audit Plano TX

Assurance offerings are a sort of unbiased expert provider normally furnished through licensed or chartered accountants including licensed public accountants (CPAs). Assurance offerings can consist of an overview of any economic report or transaction, including a loan, contract, or economic website. This overview certifies the correctness and validity of the object being reviewed through the CPA.

Audit Plano TX

At Accountex our focus is to get it done right at first time. That is the difference between us and other providers. From financial reporting to technology, we get it done right. Below is a list of our service

Audit Plano TX

Accountex, only provides compilation and review services. Concentrating on privately held companies means we are free from public company regulations reporting deadlines, disclosure complexities and risk management issues. As a result, we can focus on what really matter to you and your business.


Compilations provide the lowest level of assurance of the financial statements services. They are often required by outside third parties as well as internally by companies.

In a compilation we assist management in presenting their financial information as financial statements in the proper form. Compilations also require us to acquire an understanding of the client’s industry and to obtain specific knowledge about the client. Additionally, we read the financial statements and ensure they are free from obvious material errors. They provide no expression of an opinion on the financial statements.


Reviews are usually performed to satisfy third parties that want to be assured that the financial statements are not materially misstated. They provide a lesser degree of assurance to financial statement users than an audit. Also, unlike an audit, there is no expression of an opinion on the financial statements, testing of controls or financial data. Reviews essentially consist of inquiries of company personnel and analytical procedures applied to financial data.

Agreed Upon Procedures

Agreed upon procedures are performed when the parties involved concur that they want the accountant to perform a specific procedure or set of procedures. They can be useful when you or a third party wants some comfort about a specific area such as inventory or cash, but do not need the assurance and related time and expense of a full audit or review. Agreed upon procedures can deal with a diverse variety of subject matter such as the quality of collateral or due diligence related to a business acquisition. In all cases, agreed upon procedures are solely the responsibility of the parties who specify them and they never provide an opinion on the subject matter or financial statements.

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